Hello, I appreciate the fact that you decided to take a look at my website.  I know many people think of lawyers is rather stiff and stodgy but I wanted you to feel comfortable and browsing through my site so I thought a little bit of personal information might make you feel a bit more comfortable.

I’ve lived in the St. Louis, Missouri area for a long time now – I was born in Chicago and grew up in one of the suburbs of that city as did the other members of my family including my parents and my three sisters.  When my dad took a new job in St. Louis the whole family moved from the Chicago area here.  While my parents are both gone my three sisters still live close by with their families.

I’ve been married to my wife, Kathleen, for almost 45 years.  We have two daughters, Emily who is the older one and Allison.  Emily lives in Connecticut with her son, Quillen who is almost 12 and her daughter Rosie who is nine.  My other daughter, Allison, lives in St. Louis with her son, Luca who is almost 20 months old now.

I’ve been in the law business for 43 years now and over those years the predominant part of my practice has been in the estate tax and probate areas as well as helping small business owners with legal issues that small business owners sometimes must deal with.  In addition I have handled a broad range of legal work but for the last 10 years or so I’ve pretty much limited my practice estate planning, probate, tax and business areas of the law.

Please enjoy the website, review the material that’s here and by all means if you have questions, give me a call at the number shown above or send me an email and I’ll be happy to provide a response  to your questions.


Thanks again for visiting the site.


Ed Armstrong