Blogs and More Blogs

Occasionally, I provide some information – sometimes just an opinion – about things “legal.”  I try to make these posts as meaningful as possible without being overly technical.

I also invite you to visit my personal blog page ( where I discuss lofty topics (or, maybe not-so-lofty) about things that cross my mind.  Sometimes these things involve some legal topic but probably more often, some other topic that has no relationship to anything.  I also like to comment about some book I’ve read (often fiction, sometimes more esoteric) or something that’s been reported in the news.  Mostly these posts are simply for entertainment (mostly mine since I don’t believe this blog is actively followed by a drove of figures in the world of blogs).  Anyway, if you do visit that blog, just enjoy it and take it for what it’s worth (or not worth).  Cheers!