Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard over the course of your life to support the ones you love; you want to continue to do so after you’ve passed on. In order to ensure that your assets are properly passed down to designated recipients, you’ll need to craft a detailed will and testament. Furthermore, you will need to come up with a detailed plan regarding when and how you’ll deal with any outstanding debts or other financial issues, so as to avoid placing a great burden on your friends and family members. All of this and more can be accomplished with the help of a reliable St. Louis estate planning attorney.

Clearing Up A Financial Mess: How A St. Louis Estate Planning Attorney Can Help

Between your 401(k), your stocks, your bonds, your retirement plan and your property, it can be difficult to determine the exact state of your current financial portfolio. Add in the complications of outstanding debt and you have a financial mess on your hands. Fortunately, with the help of a St. Louis estate planning attorney such as Edward L. Armstrong, you can clear up any lingering questions regarding your assets and ensure that your executor is left with a clear and simple probate process.

In addition to determining your current financial status, you’ll also need to decide what will happen if, during your lifetime, you wind up incapacitated by illness or injury. As troubling as it can be to make these decisions, it’s important to have a plan in action so that the right person can take over your estate, while also ensuring that you receive and are able to pay for the appropriate level of care.

Edward L. Armstrong, P.C. — A Trusted Estate Planning Advocate

Over the course of the last few decades, Edward L. Armstrong, P.C. has worked with a wide array of clients, always providing clear instruction on all issues related to estate planning. A notoriously difficult process, estate planning law calls for an attorney well-versed in local, state and federal requirements, while also holding a thorough understanding of personal finance and assets. Edward L. Armstrong will happily listen to all your concerns, providing the guidance necessary to ensure that you make the right decision for your family.

Because the process of estate planning often requires the participation of your loved ones, Edward Armstrong will also work hard to clear up any lingering disputes between beneficiaries. Estate planning is far less stressful when everybody is able to communicate in a honest and respectful manner; Edward L. Armstrong understands how to foster such a spirit of cooperation in all his dealings. You’ll emerge from the process confident that your affairs are in working order and that your passing will not place a financial burden on the ones you love.

Federal Estate

Whether you are preparing your estate plan or dealing with an estate after someone close to you has passed away, if that estate is substantial, federal estate laws must be considered. As per current federal law, estates valued at over $5.34 million are subject to federal estate taxes. Edward L. Armstrong, P.C., your St. Louis...

Gift Taxation

Receiving a valuable gift is normally a reason to celebrate. When it comes to paying the taxes associated with such an elaborate gift, things can get rather confusing. It is something most people either don’t consider or don’t think they will ever have to worry about. Determining how much gift tax is owed on an...