General Business

The St. Louis, MO, law firm of Edward L. Armstrong P.C. focuses on general law practice, including estate planning, probate matters and general business. If you are an entrepreneur or are involved in a larger business operation, it is beneficial to have a general business lawyer on your team for best results. Our experience and knowledge of Missouri and Federal law as it applies to business issues can save you time, money and help strengthen the effectiveness of your business operations.

Mistakes in business, such as a flawed contract agreement or other legal document, can cause serious problems in the future that may even lead to litigation when a dispute arises. Being careful and diligent now and having the strong advice of Attorney at Law Edward L Armstrong is an important option for you use in successfully running your business.

Edward L Armstrong P.C.

There are many general business matters that we handle at Edward L Armstrong P.C. If you are starting a new business, or you are about to expand an existing one, you may need to establish or alter your business structure. Any time you deal with employees or other businesses as associate partners, there may be important regulations, permits, licenses and contracts to create. When you sign any contracts or agreements with other business entities, you also want to be sure every detail is favorable.

Having valid documents is more than just a matter of filling in blanks on a standard form. It takes a skilled and experienced St. Louis general business attorney to review or create these important business documents for complete peace of mind that everything is done correctly and can withstand challenges by others.

St Louis General Business Attorney

Edward L. Armstrong, Attorney at Law, has been practicing Missouri law since 1973, after graduation from Washington University School of Law. He also has a J.D. from University of Missouri at Columbia School of Law (1973) and credentials in Tax Law. Edward is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Missouri, the U.S. District Court and Court of Appeals in several regions, and the United States Tax Court. He is a hard-working legal professional with answers.

Many issues are resolved for clients at Edward L. Armstrong P.C., St. Louis, MO, including:

  • Business Structure – Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporations
  • Business Expansion – Mergers, Acquisitions, Expansions (local to international)
  • Contract Law
  • Tax Law
  • Estate Planning – Business Succession, Family Business matters
  • Probate
  • Negotiation/Arbitration
  • Agreement Modification

Start your business with the right legal documents and expand your business in confidence when you have legal representation by Edward L. Armstrong, Attorney at Law. Call our St. Louis, MO, law office to discuss your general business concerns today, at 314-985-7709.