In the aftermath of your loved one’s passing, you are likely experiencing a great deal of grief; if you have been named the executor for that individual’s will, that sadness is likely tinged with a fair amount of stress and anxiety. You are responsible for ensuring that all is carried out according to the will — assuming that all aspects of the will are, in fact, valid by local and federal law. Such a prospect can be particularly challenging when your mind is clouded by grief, which is why you would be well advised to seek the assistance of a trusted St.Louis probate attorney.

Important Considerations For Executors And How A St.Louis Probate Attorney Can Help

Depending on the extent of your loved one’s estate, the process of settling up all of his or her affairs can be incredibly challenging. You’ll need to determine the total property value of all homes and land as of the date of death, while also locating other assets left behind. If there are outstanding bills and debts, you will need to determine how and when these will be settled.

In addition to deciding how to proceed with acquired assets and debts, you will be required to determine how estate taxes come to play and where, exactly, you’ll obtain the funds for said taxes. All of this may seem exhausting, but if you have a skilled probate attorney at your side, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge required to make all the right decisions.

Edward L. Armstrong P.C. — Your Legal Advocate In Difficult Times

As you attempt to sort through all the grief related to the death of a loved one, the last thing you need on your mind is the stress of handling that person’s affairs. As executor, you’ll still be required to be involved in the probate process, but with the help of probate attorney, the burden of probate will be greatly reduced.

Edward L. Armstrong P.C. boasts a long and successful career in probate law. First admitted to practice in Missouri in 1973, the St.Louis probate attorney has since worked with a wide array of executors. He holds a great deal of knowledge regarding the intricacies of probate in St. Louis, but also the gentle touch required of an attorney working with a bereaved client. You need the advice of somebody who provide instruction regarding the complicated realm of probate law in a calm and clear manner, but with an added sense of compassion.

Edward L. Armstrong P.C. is eager to be your shoulder to lean on during this difficult time. He takes pride in helping the residents of St. Louis get through such hardships as death in the family and he’ll gladly do the same for you.