Small Business / Tax Law

Many Americans share the dream of starting up a sole proprietorship or a limited liability corporation (LLC). Unfortunately, while such a business venture can prove personally fulfilling, the current economic climate makes it very difficult for small businesses to compete against larger corporations, particularly when the added burdens of local regulations and contract negotiations come into play. Whether you’re dealing with the initial struggles of entity formation or simply need help in general business matters, you’ll find a trustworthy advocate in Edward L. Armstrong, P.C.

Types Of Issues Handled By A St.Louis Small Business Attorney

As a blossoming small business owner, you’ll quickly learn that, even for seemingly tiny details, you’ll need to analyze the potential financial impact and determine whether you’re making a legally acceptable move. All this may seem impossibly complicated, but with the help of a St.Louis small business attorney, you’ll quickly come to understand many of the complexities related to the modern small business landscape.

A St.Louis small business attorney can prove particularly helpful in matters of entity formation. If you’ve already come up with a plan but do not know how to proceed from there, the right attorney can help you determine whether you’d benefit more from starting a sole proprietorship or a limited liability corporation. After you’ve made this vital decision, your attorney can assist you in matters related to start-up funding, idea protection, confidentiality agreements and more.

Once your business is up and running, you still may require the assistance of a St.Louis small business attorney from time to time. For example, if you are struggling to negotiate contracts with particularly difficult individuals or corporations, the right attorney can stand in as your knowledgeable advocate. Likewise, if you decide to sell off you business or acquire another business, an attorney such as Edward L. Armstrong can guide you through this complicated process.

Edward L. Armstrong, P.C. — Your Trustworthy Small Business Attorney

Having worked in law for several decades, Edward L. Armstrong has acquired an impressive understanding of the local business climate. He is up to date on regional, state and federal regulations surrounding small businesses and knows how to work these requirements in your favor. Edward L. Armstrong understands just how eager you are for your business to thrive — and he shares in that enthusiasm. However, when difficult decisions and situations arise, he will always tell you what you need to hear, as opposed to what you want to hear. His honest communication style ensures that you are always clearly informed on the realities of today’s small business world, without ever feeling disrespected. For a knowledgeable and understanding St.Louis small business attorney, turn to Edward L. Armstrong, P.C.